The Summer kicked in…! Again, Vancouver reveals its diverse and excited population out and about on the streets. Three evenings this week we spent at the beach, napping under the sunshine, napping by the Sea. Georgia surely likes the Pacific waves and breeze. Yesterday I left on a quest to find a summer hat to protect her face during our walks and picnics. I found a great adjustable hat that will last us through our trip to Brazil next Winter. Other than Georgia’s early start at the beach I’ve been reading and singing for her in Portuguese. I guess she is half Brazilian and half Canadian but the more I hear this, I like to believe she will grow up and feel a whole of each- rather than a half- of both.


This picture book was written by João Wady Cury and illustrated by Ilka F. Mourão. Ziiim (2012) does not only have a beautiful cover (with all my favorite blues, greens, and oranges) but it is also written in the Q&A form, which makes this inquisitive exploration of love and dimensions very personal. It represents a child’s journey from their heart (warm and near) to the ever expanding universe- and back. The message in this book has a profound impact in my life. My heart, my home, my loved ones, are all spread between the continents. Rather than having little pieces of my heart everywhere I like to imagine it pulsing wide, remaining one strong unit beating to my Brazilian pace and Canadian ways. This book was a gift from my sister, Ana, and brother-in-law, Miguel. I’m always cruising through this city reminded of their company and joy of life – rain or shine. I’m always missing with my heart and traveling the seas to know where and how they are. Saudades is all I got.

*I will keep an eye for an English publication of Ziiim.

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