My name is Marina. I grew up in Brazil. In a house with many books and home cooked meals. I grew up with comfort, amazing parents, and a couple of sisters I couldn’t live without. I am the middle child. I am talkative and like sleeping in. I have a mania for re-arranging furniture. Keeping up with the only constant: transformation. I never learned to play an instrument well but I learned the lesson that the sky is the limit. And I keep my riding wheels turning. I’ve been living in Vancouver, BC, since 2007, where I studied Anthropology and learned about organic gardening. I just turned 24 and gave birth to my daughter, Georgia, blessed by the Spring on mother’s day. Max, my husband, is a morning person (after coffee), strong, loving, and patient, all of which makes him an amazing dad. He is also an artist and a green-thumb. We like fresh veggies, walks, family, friends, beach, movies, rivers, forrest, music, stories, and waking up to our baby’s morning smiles. This blog is an extension of our bookshelf, sleep-time, and life.

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  1. Marina querida, ADORO ler tudo o que voce escreve, parabens!!! Georgia esta’ cada dia mais linda! estou louca para conhece-la. bjks cheias de carinho, fa’.

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