Today I realized it’s been two months since my last post. I apologize the absence dear followers. The last day of the year is a time to reflect and think- small and big. A year ago, I was in Vancouver, spending New Year’s Eve at a rooftop apartment in Downtown, Georgia in the belly. Max and I toasted at midnight, into the unknown but already in love with the exciting journey ahead of us. This 31st of December feels different. To begin with, the climate that surrounds us is warm, the ocean is an ever changing deep blue and green, the evenings cooled by the regular tropical rains, the body used to the absence of layers and the feet used to the lazy havaianas strolls. I missed all of this. And the greatest change, being back home with my daughter. Introducing her to people, tastes, and places so dear to me. She is acclimatized (after a good dose of sweaty naps and mosquito bites) and happy.

ImageBeginning her eating adventures, between papayas and papinhas (homemade baby foods). Loving beach time and swimming pools. Spending time with grandparents, aunties, uncles, dindos, great-aunties, great-grandma… from lap to lap, arms to arms.


We journey from one home to the other. From the city to the coast. Every where is home for me. Places of my childhood, my teenagehood, and others that we’re just so welcomed, that home it is. Speaking of home, I decided to dedicate this post to the picture book No! by the artist and graphic designer Marta Altés, a gift from tia Tetê.


Tetê is my youngest sister. A dog lover from the very bright start. Well, in her own kind of way. I remember her riding Black (our first dog), pulling his tail… and he loved her back. She also loves sloths and kids! Tetê is the perfect combo of sweet and tough. She praises your goods and calls your bads. Her and I have been through all kinds of adventures- play ones and real ones. I can’t imagine myself without her, it just would’t be the “I” that I know. I really think that siblings are an inseparable part of who we are. With all this jumping around, travels North, travels South, the one thing I really wish is that I could always have them both with me.


No! is the story of a very loved dog, from the perspective of that dog. No! spends all day helping out at home. He helps with the laundry, making the beds, feeds himself.. he’s a very helpful member of the family. All day long, his family calls him “No!” “Nooooo!” “Noooo…” and so he figures he is a great help. The only odd thing is that his name tag doesn’t say “No”! This is a really fun read and tells us again: it’s all a matter of perspective! You can find it in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Korean, among others.


And to a New Year with love, laughter, and strength for all that make life a memorable journey. Transformations ahead because the roads are always new… on the way there, and back. To a happy New Year, Saúde e Fé!

‎”Our mind should be free from traces of the past, just like the flowers of Spring” by Shunryu Suzuki

And Then It’s Spring

This week’s post goes out to my husband, Max Brown. On Tuesday, the 17th of July, he turned 25. A short work-day allowed us to enjoy a mellow celebration in the company of our baby girl Georgia. We strolled across the steaming asphalt streets, through refreshing parks and gardens, to our lunch destination Che Baba, on Fraser St. and Kingsway. The combination of a pleasant and minimal 70’s atmosphere with an open kitchen serving fresh ingredients was perfect for the occasion. Max and I shared an incredible roasted & pickled beet salad and the absolutely most amazing slow roasted pulled pork shoulder sandwich of all times. Trust me. Perfectly cooked and arranged on a fresh ciabatta baguette. To die for!

        Click on the photo to read a review on Che Baba Cantina.

Enough of all the food talk. Let’s get to our book of the week and the reason behind it. Over the last months Max found many many great children’s books. Just wait, keep reading, and you’ll get to know them all. But this week’s choice has a special reason. Max grew up in acres of organic orchards and fields, at his parents farm in Interior B.C. A bicycle ride from the Similkameen River, where he learned to dive, swim in the currents, and find precious stones and other treasures adrift… His childhood was shaped by the seasons, the weather, the worries, and the gift of the most delicious tasting fruits and vegetables. The farm is located in a beautiful Valley where spotting blue jays and eagles, deers and bears, are all a part of life. Perhaps the farm-life explains his patient and caring nature. And Then It’s Spring was a special book that awaited for Georgia since early Spring. We waited and watched, with wonder and excitement, as Max’s lettuce and herbs sprouted, Georgia came to this life to smile and thrive.

And Then It’s Spring is a wonderful picture book about a boy and his animal companions waiting for Spring to come and their Seeds to Sprout. It’s written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Erin Stead, with a unique use of block-print technique. Erin won the Illustrator Caldecott Medal for the book A Sick Day for Amos McGee, co-created with her husband, Philip Stead. Hope you enjoy this book trailer on this gentle and rainy Friday afternoon- or on a sunny side if you elsewhere reside.