Why this Blog?


It all started with our daughter Georgia. A Taurus, born in the year of the Dragon. Motherhood revived so many memories of my childhood, adventures, and dreams. From an early stage, my life has been filled with vibrant colors and many, many, books. My mom, Denise, owned a bookstore called Klaxon in São Paulo, the city where I grew up. She’s passionate about literature and poetry. She always found the energy and time to read us a story before bedtime (and one more, and just one more…). During my pregnancy I worked as an intern at Tradewind Books, a children’s books publishing house in Vancouver. That experience led me to gain insight and dip my toes into the art and craft of kids’ books, while inspiring me to think of the books I loved when I was a child. One (probably rainy) afternoon in Vancouver I came across one of my favourite picture books, The Napping House (Wood and Wood 1984), and that day  I realized how great it would be to begin collecting children’s books for our baby. And so another 8 months went by… and Georgia’s bookshelf came to life! For the baby shower, we asked friends and family to share a favourite children’s book. As Georgia grows older, she’ll hear the stories that each one of them carefully picked- and these will travel in memories through her lifetime. I decided to start this blog for two reasons: to share this fantastic selection of children’s books and also to keep my passion for writing alive, as this new chapter of life unfolds. I hope you join this story journey~ marina

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